MyPocket App Design Concept (Iteration #1)


MyPocket App is a hands-off tool to help users save more and spend less. Having all accounts in one hand, tracking monthly on the progress, spending, and savings goal contributions. Planning and crushing down the spending to get more on savings.


Challenges in the market


- Data Security.

- Features interested to the users.

- User Experience.

- Reliability.

- insufficient transaction details.

- Benefits.



- Managing all my accounts in one hand.

- Planning ahead with a specific budget to see how much could save in log and short term.
- Managing my spending.

- Managing my earnings and savings.

- Real-time notifications & bill Reminders.

- Goal-based planning.

- High-level security and fast real-time execution.

- User-friendly interface and advanced features.

User Pain Points in Financial Products


Authentication, Navigation, Transactions overview, Balance Overview (Pending), Payments, Notifications, Profile (Updating) experience, and Complexity.