Sign-me-up (Hyerengine) Iteration#2

A product that can help universities to help college students find internships and nail their future opportunities with companies. I have acquired almost two years of conducted research and analysis on how college students can find internships and nail their future opportunities with companies. I met with some college and university career centers to understand the pain points. On the other side, companies also have trouble discovering top talent or talent students among universities.



Some of the problems


- Communication

- Real-time information

- Talent pipeline

- Sorting

- Speed in hiring

- Reliable pipeline

- Talent management



My Engagement

- Learning the opportunity and market.
- Research and analysis.
- Interviewing head of outreaches and educational departments, Large to a small size and couple startup companies to understand better the process and pain points.
- Interviewing the career counseling department of educational centers.
- Interviewing students.
- Data visualizations.
- Sharing findings and meeting with mentors.
- Creating user flow.
- Creating low-fidelity mock-ups, sharing and validating.


The Essential Intern Skill Sets (continues to level 5 requirements)