Multi Media Interface (MMI) Concept Design (Iteration #2)

Studying and researching the opportunity in the market and finding a huge need of having a solution that can connect the driver to the car to creating a platform with the possible features of merging important human connection needs to the world. I came up with an idea and created (first run) to connect/help people with their daily tasks and needs with a single functional app.


My Engagement

- Wireframing experiences and interactions 
- Creating low-fidelity mock-ups 
- Sharing and getting feedback 
- Creating interactive mock-ups 
- User testing
- Creating high-fidelity mock-ups 

- Working with front and back-end engineers to implement the product.



Found patterns in the interviewees’ responses and actions, and use those to group similar people together.
Drawing based on the user-centered design from that understanding of users and the model of that understanding.
Shared those designs with my people.


One time sync concept

Big win-win when we have a profound and complete understanding of building a smart product to make choices not only on traffic conditions, alerts but also relying on passenger variable preferences, such as seat configurations, interior lighting, temperature, music, notifications, even communicating with user based on facial expressions (using Artificial emotional intelligence technology).


To do all that – by increasing the user experiences – the car needs artificial intelligence capabilities and machine learning. These capabilities allow the car/interface to learn from, adapt and perform multiple tasks.