George Gevorkian, Product Designer


I try to push the boundaries to develop products that are cognitively efficient, simple, secure and error-free. Working experience in managing multiple projects, developing ideas, and helping organizations as they grow, innovate & evolve through an array of specialized strategic and technical solutions to increase visibility, better experience, and design process.




- Building intuitive products user flows, user experiences, use cases, wireframes, prototypes, and hi-fidelity mockups.

- Strong conceptual and interaction design skills.

- Creative direction.
- Information architecture.

- Developing and monitoring standards for user interfaces, design direction, interactions, and graphics development.

- Working as part of a cross-functional team with developers, engineers, and offshore teams.












My approach to product design and development


- Collecting information

- Learning, Brainstorming, and analyzing

- Defining the problem

- Developing solutions

- Building model

- Idea presentation and validating

- Improving design